Kate, Becky and Baby Lane

My friend Becky has a bun in the oven – and this bun is COOKED!  She’s the first of my college friends to be having a little cherrub, so naturally, all of us gals have a zillion questions – “What’s that weird line down your belly button?” “Are you using Cocoa butter to avoid stretch marks?” “Are you scared $hitless?” – all the standards!  Becky couldn’t be any more perfectly pregnant – she’s all belly – and when little Lane comes down the shoot, I’m sure it will only take her about a week or so to snap back to pre-pregnancy perfection! (hate her :))

Today, we’re having a ‘pre-lane’ ladies lunch – and nautrally I thought to ask what foods may induce labor, hopefully staying away from them – and Becky replied by saying “No….PLEASE…I need all the help I can get!” hence these delicious Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls, with enough spice to prompt any cooked bun to emerge from the oven (I think she ate about 6 of them haha – no Lane yet though! We’re all anxiously awaiting!)

 Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls


Egg Roll Wrappers
(can be purchased in the produce section, near the tofu and cole slaw mixes)

2 cups of cooked, shredded chicken

1 large tub of light cream cheese, at room temperature

1 cup light ranch dressing

1 cup Frank’s hot sauce

2 cups shredded cheddar cheese

1) Preheat oven to 425 degrees

2) In a mixing bowl with an electric mixer, beat cream cheese and ranch dressing until combined.  Then mix the hot sauce, shredded chicken and shredded cheese.  Combine the two mixtures.

I put that $@#% on everything

3) Take egg roll wrapper – wet the edges with warm water, using a pastry brush.

4) Take about 2 tablespoons of the buffalo chicken mixture and spread in a thin line diagonally down the center of the egg roll wrapper.

5)  Roll the edges in and fold like a little burrito.

6) Place on a foil lined baking sheet coated with non-stick cooking spray. Baste the tops lightly with olive oil.

7) Bake in a preheated 425 degree oven for 20 minutes, turning over half way through.

8) Take out and let cool on a cooling rack for about ten minutes.

9) Serve with celery and ranch dressing! YUM!

While these may not have induced labor, they were still the perfect lunch side/appetizer that would be great for any occasion, especially a pre-baby ladies lunch.

Can’t wait to meet you Lane! Maybe Gerber can start making a ‘Buffalo Chicken Egg Roll’ puree 🙂