Ok folks – I know it’s not Thirsty Thursday, but it is Saturday, and a GORGEOUS one at that! Sunny and 70’s here in Boston – my idea of the perfect day.

It is also game 5 of the Bruins vs. Capitals – and as much as I tried to convince Dave to try to find an ‘outdoor’ location in which we could sit outside, have a beer and still get to watch the game, he wasn’t having it.  So while he was sitting on the couch cursing the Bruins (who sadly ended up losing :(), I thought to myself, “Whelp, I’m making myself a cocktail”.

It’s the perfect day for ice cream – and I was thinking of a way to incorporate a frozen treat into cocktail form.  And I thought of the old classic – an Orange Creamsicle – orange and vanilla working together to make magic.

Instead of using orange sherbert, I found these great Tangerine Fruit bars made by Edy’s – only 80 calories each!  And I thought those might hold their form once melted a little better than sherbert.  That, with a couple other ingredients should make the perfect frozen treat turned cocktail!

Orange CreamsicleTini


1 Edy’s Tangerine Fruit Bar, removed from the stick (or probably any orange flavored popsicle will do if you can’t find those)

1 shot of vodka

2 tbsp. light cool whip

1/4 tsp. vanilla extract

couple ice cubes

1) Combine all ingredients in a blender and mix on ‘ice crush’ setting for about 20 seconds, til’ fully combined

2) Pour mixture through a strainer into a martini glass to filter out the ice pieces.


So an 80 calorie fruit pop + 1 shot vodka + light cool whip and  vanilla extract, you’ve got yourself a low fat/calorie cocktail that’ll act like a time machine – because it’s just like that yummy treat on a stick you ate as a kid on a hot summer day on your grandmother’s front step after the ice cream truck made the rounds on her street.

Only now, you drink it out of a martini glass…and there’s vodka in it!

Guess growin’ up ain’t so bad afterall!