Skinny Margharita Pops

Is this the easy and delicious week or what?

This recipe my friends, is again – easy – healthy – and delicious.  Three ingredients.  Three Weight Watchers Points.  It’s my Cinco de Mayo gift to you!

Does anyone else love Bethenny? I feel like people either love her or hate her (Dave I hate to say is not in agreeance with me on her fabulousness – there’s been many a fight on Monday nights during Bethenny Ever After as to our conflicting opinions on her overall character)  But for me personally, one of my favorite things about her is her Skinny Girl line of drinks, that allow us gals (and maybe guys) watching our figure to still indulge in our favorite cocktails without the guilt (and we still get the buzz!)

So when trying to figure out a fun Cinco de Mayo treat, I thought of popsicles – but Tequila doesn’t freeze! (or according to many a google search, you have to have a super freezer to get alcohol to freeze – we’re lucky if our freezer keeps a pint of Ben and Jerry’s frozen)  So I turned to Bethenny’s Skinny Girl Margharita, the original liquid genius and came up with a plan B.

And here is plan B 🙂

Skinny Strawberry Margharita Pops

(makes about 9 pops)

1 Bottle of SkinnyGirl Margharita

1 bag of frozen strawberries (or box of fresh)

1 – 2 individual Strawberry flavored drink mix (such as Crystal Light)

5 oz Dixie Cups

Popsicle Sticks

1)  Place first three ingredients in a blender and blend until combined.

2) Take 1/2 cup of the mixture and pour it into each dixie cup (1/2 cup = 4oz)

Skinny Girl Pops

3) Place in the freezer for about an hour.  After an hour, the mix will have frozen a bit, and at this time you can put the popsicle sticks in and they will stand up on their own.

4) Let freeze a couple more hours or overnight (SGM freezes pretty fast!)

5) Remove from dixie cups – garnish with lime wedge and salt/sugar if desired (that will increase the WW points)

As a fair warning, these bad boys melt pretty fast, so while I don’t wish a brain freeze on anyone, try to make it speedy when eating these!

That’s it! Go crazy! Ay ay ay ay ay!!!!! Fiesta! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

 Skinny Margharita Pops