S'More Truffles

Who invented S’More’s anyway?

Graham cracker + marshmallow + chocolate + campfire (or candle fire) + tree stick = a favorite summer time treat around the world.  But seriously, who thought of this?

Well whoever it was, kudos to you!  This trio of ingredients isn’t exclusive of the summer – it can be eaten year round.  And as these truffles will prove, can be eaten without the fire or the stick!

S’More Truffles

*yields 12-14 Truffles

1/2 block (4 oz) reduced fat cream cheese

1 cup of fluffenutter

1 package of graham crackers
(there are three packages in a box)

1/2 lb. of milk or dark chocolate squares
(you could  use chocolate chips as well)

1)  In a food processor, pulse the cream cheese, fluff and graham crackers until it becomes a dough-like consistency.  You will have to stop a couple of times in between to scrape the dough from the sides so that all the ingredients will mix together.  It gets a bit ‘sticky’ as you can imagine!

2) Once the dough has formed, remove from the food processor, place in a small bowl, cover with foil or seran wrap and chill for at least 1/2 hour (I chilled overnight, but 1/2 hour should do it).  This will help to roll the dough into balls.

3) After the dough has chilled, take a tablespoon and roll tablespoon sized balls of dough between the palms of your hands until rounded.  Place on a sheet with wax paper.

4)  Melt your chocolate in a double boiler (or in a microwave) and dip each rolled ball into the chocolate and place back on the wax paper to dry.

5)  Sprinkle tops with crushed graham crackers if you like.


Soft and chewy s’mores, without the sticky fingers and bug spray!  I used dark chocolate, and I think next time I would definitely use Milk – I just think with a s’more it tastes more ‘natural’, but it’s really your preference.

So for those of you that enjoy a hot, fresh-off-the-campfire s’more while telling ghost stories, you’ll love these.  And for those of you ‘non-campers’ out there who enjoy s’mores from the comfort of their air conditioned living room, you will REALLY love these!  No bug bites!

 S'More Truffles