Perfect Thanksgiving Table

One week from tomorrow, we’ll be hours away from the biggest eating holiday of the year: THANKSGIVING! And this weekend, Dave and I will be hosting Dave’s High School clan for a ‘practice’ T-day dinner – because let’s be honest, this is the only month where that extra 5-10 lbs can be solely blamed on the fact that there is one day in the month where your caloric intake for the day might be what your monthly caloric intake should be.  But hey – that’s what sweatpants are for! So LET’S EAT!

Besides the turkey, the stuffing, the mashed potatoes, the squash, cornbread, green bean casserole, apple, pumpkin and pecan pie (tissue – wipe drool – continue typing) the next most important thing is the table you serve it on. Have some fun with it – it only comes once a year afterall!

Your perfect Thanksgiving Table doesn’t have to be expensive to set and it allows you to really let your creative side shine through! Here’s some ideas (although, the options really are endless – thank-you Pinterest!) But, here’s my attempt to invite you to our house for dinner 🙂

Start with your base – decide on either a table cloth or runner to lay on your table.  I chose a solid white runner vs. one with a pattern, only so that the items on the table wouldn’t clash but there are a lot of really fun cloths and runners out there, with patterns and solid as well!  Or hit up a fabric store and get a piece of cloth or burlap and make it a DIY base for your table.

Placesettings – whether it’s a small dinner for 2, or if you’re like my family, a cluster bomb of a dinner for 25, you can really get creative with your place settings.  Try layering, with a few different placemats that are different shapes and colors.  As you can see below, I used 2 different round placemats, one orange, one green, but varying in size just enough so that they would create a layered look.  Topped with a gold charger and beige salad plate (all super cheap!).Perfect Thanksgiving TableYou can then choose a fun topper for the plate, whether it’s a cute little pumpkin, a cloth napkin with a creative napkin ring around it, or those fun paper poppers with prizes inside! I found them at the Christmas Tree Shop for $3.99 for 6, and they provide hours of endless entertainment (especially after a couple cocktails!). Another option is a personalized place card for each person, if you do assigned seating.

Perfect Thanksgiving Table

Your Table ‘Flair’ –

‘Flair’ – noun \ˈfler\ -: a uniquely attractive quality

This is  your chance to show your style – with your table ‘flair’.  Honestly, there are soooo many fantastic ideas out there, it’s almost overwhelming.  But the best part of fitting your table with it’s flair is that you can keep it simple, or get a little cray cray – anything goes.  And, you don’t have to spend a lot of money doing it! I think a main focal point to have in the center of your table is key, and that can include a wide range of things, whether it’s a special Thanksgiving flower arrangement you got from distant relatives, or a Turkey that your kids made in Art class with construction paper.  It’s the first thing people will look at when they see your table, so get creative and enjoy the ‘oooh & ahhhh’ factor!

Myself, I am OBSESSED with those big candy jars that are popping up everywhere. The main place I’ve been seeing them lately is on the Food Network, and they’re usually filled with delicious candies or fruits.  I found this one at Home Goods, on clearance marked down to $8 from $40, but you can find these essentially anywhere (Target, Marshalls, any place that has a home goods department will surely have these!)  And I decided to fill the bottom with some faux grass I got at the dollar store (for, you guessed it, $1) and then a variety of gords and pumpkins to add some color poppage that would compliment the colors of the place settings.


Perfect Thanksgiving Table
Then compliment that focal point with other smaller/shorter items.  I used two other smaller sized hurricane lamps that we had and again, filled the bottom with fake grass and then placed two birch pillar candles from our wedding (purchased on Etsy) but really any pillar candle will do, and those you can typically find pretty cheap as well.  Then in between the two hurricane lamps, I filled the space with smaller sized pumpkins and more short candles, sprinkling the white runner with faux leaves purchased at the dollar store (I should buy stock in this joint) to break up the whiteness and add some color.  You could also use a vine with berries on it (bittersweet always looks really nice with the reds and yellows).  Candles are great too because they’re cheap and come in all different sizes and heights and really push the ambiance to the next level.
Perfect Thanksgiving Table
So there you have it folks – hopefully this will inspire you to get your T-day flair on! You still have a whole week to collect your items and lay them out perfectly before everyone arrives next Thursday.

And I’m sure when everyone arrives on Saturday and is ready to hunker down for Thanksgiving dinner…..

The men will sit in the living room at the coffee table and the women at the kitchen counter 🙂

Ah well, in theory, a beautiful Thanksgiving table setting is a great idea!

Perfect Thanksgiving Table