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Skinny Mudslides

Too delish to wait for an official photo shoot – you get the idea though ūüôā

I know, I know – it’s goat cheese week and I’m posting a recipe for Skinny Frozen Mudslides.¬† But I had a REALLY good reason for cheating on goat cheese tonight: my cousin Krissy is in town from Atlanta and¬†heading down to the cape tomorrow¬†for¬†a couple weeks of R&R (jealous).

Skinny Mudslides

When she’s not drinking mudslides, it’s Whiskey & Diet Coke

The Cape is a special place for us, filled with childhood mems of the summers we¬†spent there.¬† When we were little, fun at the Cape meant bike riding,¬†spending so much time in the ocean that our skin pruned, and the occasional french braid fest (except Krissy was the only one with a bowl cut, so she could never get a braid in her hair – pretty sure she’s still bitter about it)¬† Then we started to grow up, and once we all¬†turned 21 we realized “MAN there are some tasty drinks that pair quite well with the smell of salt water and sand between your toes!”.

One drink in particular – frozen mudslides.¬† It’s like dessert in a cup – drunk through¬†a straw – and there’s vodka in it.¬† Be still my heart.¬† However, indulging in one or two of these¬†cocktails¬†will probably wipe out your entire caloric intake for a day – between the ice cream, the vodka, the baileys, the chocolate syrup, the kahlua (ohhhhh I’m getting the shakes, I want one right now!)

So to start Krissy’s vaca off right, I concocted what I believe to be a ‘skinny’ frozen mudslide – and not to throw rose petals at myself or anything, but damn.¬† It was gooood.

Skinny Mudslides

*yields 2 mudslides

1/2 cup fat free vanilla frozen yogurt

1 cup fat free milk

2 shots vodka

2 tbsp. sugar free chocolate syrup

2¬†tbsp.¬†Bailey’s Irish Cream Flavored coffee creamer
(can be found in the refrigerated section at the grocery store – near the milk)

1/2 tbsp. MAXWELL HOUSE International Latte MOCHA powder
(powder only – can be found in your grocer’s coffee section)¬†

(about 1 full tray)

1) Take 2 –¬†160z. plastic cups (I think mudslides taste better in plastic cups – classy I know) and line them with the chocolate syrup (you could also just add the syrup to the mixture before you blend it, or at the top, but I think this just makes the cup look pretty ūüôā

2)¬†Combine all other ingredients in a blender and blend until all the ice is crushed.¬† You can always add more ice too if it’s not your desired thickness.

There you have it – one of the best summer-time drinks of all time, without the all the guilt.

And ¬†If I have done my calculations correctly, each drink is only¬†7 weight watchers points, which I know still seems like a lot for just one drink, but compared to a whopping TWENTY NINE points for a ‘Non-skinny’ mudslide, well I’d say it’s quite an improvement!

So I hope you¬†enjoyed¬†the ‘skinny frozen mudslide’ sidetrack¬†– back to goat cheese next time! Promise!


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