Blog Makeover


It’s been just about a year since we entered food blog land, and I can honestly say it’s been a blast – I truly have enjoyed every last minute, even the failed recipes, awful pictures taken and kitchen disasters that came with it.

Pineapple Mojito

Very first photo from our very first recipe for Pineapple Mojitos

A few weeks ago, I was blog surfing, and one of my favorite bloggers, Sally from Sally’s Baking Addiction, started this amazing new series not too long ago on building your blog, as she herself is a food blog superstar whose amazingly delicious and creative baking blog BLEW UP in record time, which is such an inspiration.  So I started reading this series of hers  and through it I learned how she transferred the hosted version of her blog over to the self-hosted version.  Little bit of techincal stuff, that she explained perfectly for anyone whose thinking of doing the same thing, so I won’t rehash her hash. But basically in a nut shell, a self-hosted blog, while being a bit more work and responsibility on the blogger, gives a lot more flexibility with the design of your site, giving you the chance to really grow.

Zesty Blog Consulting

Check out Cory’s great work!

One thing lead to another, and I contacted Cory from Zesty Blog Consulting, as he helped Sally with the transition of her blog from hosted to self-hosted.  Cory even has his own cooking blog, so I figured he’d be the perfect guy for the job (and he’s based in Prince Edward Island where one of my most FAVORITE series of all time, Anne of Green Gables, was filmed – this was the selling point, clearly) Cory was great, walked me through the process, and after a few phone calls and some site design tweaks, it’s finally ready.

So if you’ve followed us up until this point, THANK YOU!  And pretty please with a cherry (and whip cream) on top continue to do so!  Get our updates on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram – the best part is that your fingers will have 9 less keys to type to find us. From here on out, we’ll be at, hold the, add a side of fries 🙂  Tell your mom – tell your friends – tell your local butcher – we’ve got lots of great things planned for our fresh new blogover, including a great giveaway that you won’t want to miss.  Details to come!

Thanks everyone – we’re looking forward to sharing lots more great stuff with all of you in the future!